During the installation phase we provide professional support in on-site activities during erection and commissioning. We conduct supervision of local vendor mechanical works and continuously verify that the mechanical works proceed in the conformity with the construction schedule. It is important to check the implementation of the mechanical Construction Quality Control Plan and make sure that execution of all mechanical works is proceeding in accordance with good engineering and construction practice and with required quality level. We also provide substantial technical support to the mechanical Subcontractors with the aim of facilitating the rapid and economic execution of the works and provide mechanical Subcontractors all explanations needed for a correct interpretation of the engineering documents. Important part is also keeping the building log book up-to-date and checking the Subcontractors building log books and Progress Reports. Furthermore we support preparation of various technical documentation required for approval of local authorities or PED body.  Last but not least installation supervision includes also reporting to the supervisor engineer regarding progress of mechanical works.