Waste heat recovery

One of the particular strains of our consulting work is dedicated to analysis and optimal utilization of waste heat sources. 

Waste heat recovery generally refers to capturing waste heat that an industrial site or combustion process is already emitting, and using it to provide useful thermal energy elsewhere in the facility or turning it into clean electricity or mechanical power (bottoming cycle CHP or waste heat to power). This is an important resource for significantly increasing industrial energy efficiency, improving the competitiveness of the respective industrial sector, and providing a source of pollution-free energy.

There are three essential components required for waste heat recovery:

Some of the market sectors with attractiveness for waste heat recovery include:

At a particular industrial site, some of the potential sources of waste heat include:

If you possess a permanent waste heat source, please fill in the below table the relevant parameters, and we will come back to you with an initial proposal for the further development of your business case or we will inform you under which conditions your solution could be profitable. Depending on the client’s needs, we are providing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies according UNIDO standard both in the case of repowering of existing energy projects like also for planning of new energy projects.

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