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Project summary

Aim of the project is to evaluate feasibility, viability and optimal performance of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for utilization of industrial waste heat in the Republic of Croatia. At the beginning of the work, Croatian industrial sectors with relevant waste heat potential for electricity production are determined. 

Furthermore, relevant companies in these sectors will be selected with respect to main process characteristics, operation mode and estimated waste heat potential. Data collection of waste heat parameters (flue gas composition, temperature, mass flow) will be conducted. Furthermore daily, monthly and annual demand patterns will be estimated.

Main industrial sectors to be considered are:
Considered facilities are to be compared in the terms of: average exhaust mass flow, average exhaust temperature, annual number of hours in operation and estimated annual electricity production. 

Mathematical model for calculation of the waste heat recovery process will be developed. Calculation is to be conducted for the system design point taking into account the load factor and availability factor. Developed mathematical model will be used for configuration and optimization of the ORC process in the terms of:
  • Selection of optimal working fluid
  • Selection of optimal configuration
  • Optimization of process parameters
Economic calculation of investment into new heat recovery system is to be conducted. With respect to annual number of hours in operation followed by equipment cost, emissions reduction potential and revenue from electricity sellback to the grid, cash flow and payback period will be calculated. Economic sensitivity analysis for varying electricity sellback prices will be conducted. Social aspects of the project will be explained aiming to promote the utilization of waste heat through finding and proposing most efficient solutions. 

Potential for engagement of Croatian manufacturers in development and production of components as heat exchanger, turbine (respectively its parts) or other components like piping and instrumentation will be investigated. Research and analysis of existing equipment requirements and characteristics (from other manufacturers) could serve as a useful guideline for potential Croatian companies willing to take part in development and production of components for ORC plants.