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1. Conference paper Bišcan D., Filipan V., Potential of waste heat in Croatian industrial sector, was successfully presented at the 6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems at Dubrovnik, Croatia. Conference paper has been presented to a wide audience of research organizations, institutes, companies in energy sector and public administration. 

2. Journal paper Bišcan D., Filipan V., Potential of waste heat in Croatian industrial sector, has been accepted for publication in the special issue of the Thermal Science Journal (SCI Expanded, impact factor 0.96) on the 20th June 2012. The journal paper will be published by the end of 2012. 

3. Conducted research brought to development and application of patent which has been submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office under class: 381-03/12-010/0381 and registration number: 559-03/2-12-001 on 4.5.2012. On 7.5.2012. patent application under number P20120381A has been registered in the Registry of patent applications of the State Intellectual Property Office. 

4. The PhD thesis “Optimization of middle-temperature waste heat utilization by means of ORC process” done by D. Biscan is based on the project results. The thesis is positively evaluated and the thesis defense is scheduled for September 2012 at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka. 

5. From the winter semester of the academic year 2011./2012. D. Biscan was involved in teaching activities of the Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb. In 2011. and 2012. he held seminars on the university undergraduate studies: